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Mayday! Mayday!

The call pops up on my phone when I’m in the laundry room trying to get just one.thing.done. I can tell, from the numbers on the screen, it’s the school and immediately know I’ve forgotten something else. “Hey honey,” I answer. “Hi Mommy. Um, all my friends are talking about a pool party after school [...]


I found this Mood-o-Meter in the garden today. No doubt it was unwittingly left behind by a child who, at any moment now, may break down in tears over the fact that it’s gone missing and she hasn’t noticed. By “garden” I mean it was in a clay pot containing a parched plant in need [...]


Ever been around someone who’s so loud and obnoxious about their beliefs that you’re completely turned off? What about someone who’s so quiet and reserved that she never stands up or speaks out – a wallflower who fades into the background? I think there’s a middle ground: a volume loud enough to be heard above [...]

Aquiring a Salt Addiction

I’ve mentioned that every afternoon I indulge in a cup of coffee and a sliver of dark chocolate. My “ideal setting” for this would be a gray-shingled cottage by the sea with comfy slip-covered sofas, windows open to the ocean breeze, interesting books neatly piled all around, and me touching toes with a like-minded friend [...]