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I tick down a mental list of everything we’ll need and quickly throw them into bags: three swimsuits, a sun hat, a couple of monster trucks and some rubber gators from the bathtub. I hop in the car, scoop the girls up from school and peel off the street as quickly as I can. No [...]


The alarm sounds and I roll over to reset it for thirty minutes later. I shift positions so I’m lying on my back with a pillow under my knees; feel cold and reach down to pull up the green afghan I’ve tossed aside during the night. When the alarm sounds again, I’ve reached a state [...]

It’s been a slow week around the Livingston household as I’ve been sick and so has Reece. My tank’s been on empty. Yesterday a couple of thoughts kept running through my head: As much as I like to teach, I need to be taught; as much as I like to encourage, I need to be [...]

hammock-brad montgomery

Growing up, Sundays meant no yard work and my dad took a nap. They stood out in contrast to all the other days because he worked Monday through Friday and almost always did yard work on Saturday–which meant I did too. I gathered pine cones into brown paper bags, I raked leaves. Then there was [...]


“There is no honor in turning away from adventure.” –Reepicheep, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader I’ve often thought God made a mistake when He made me a girl. Growing up, I resolved more than my fair share of conflicts with my fists, I prefer to yank things out into the open in order to [...]