Take Your Place

A poem by Kit Rossi

It’s been a slow week around the Livingston household as I’ve been sick and so has Reece. My tank’s been on empty. Yesterday a couple of thoughts kept running through my head: As much as I like to teach, I need to be taught; as much as I like to encourage, I need to be encouraged; and as much as I like to inspire, I need to be inspired. My friends do this for me and I’m so thankful for all of them and the unique gifts and personality they each bring to the table.

What better time to share another poem by Kit Rossi? Kit and I recently had a chance to catch up where she shared about the week she had leading up to writing this. She’d been seeking the Lord and His leading for her business Dance for Joy, where her greatest desire is for Him to get the glory.

The week that classes were to start, she suffered an injury and was unable to do the things she normally does to get the studio up and running. In the midst of this uncertainty, God showed up and took care of her in personal and meaningful ways, providing friends to serve her and speak encouragement to her.

Hearing the stories of others and how God is working in their lives is always such an encouragement to me. Gas for my tank. As we peek into their lives and see their needs–the holes they need filling, the weak places where they need strength–it reminds us of those same places in us. As we hear how He cares for them, we’re reminded of His faithfulness to us–even if we don’t feel it at the moment. Sometimes it’s not until we look in the rearview mirror that we see He had our back the whole time.

Take Your Place
by Kit Rossi

You hear my heart before it cries out
You swiftly move to my side
You feel my fears and longings within
You push me to keep my stride

I feel like a child as you take your place
You have come to my rescue again
You pick me up and carry me home
And you show me where you have been

You mend the bruise surrounding my heart
As you sweetly sing me a song
Even this spot I could not muscle through
You are quick to show me you’re strong

You gracefully move from my friend to my Lord
As you show me how grand you can be
How much you desire glory and praise
Yet how elaborate your love is for me.

But that's enough about me…what about you?

How does this poem speak to you?

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