Samantha Livingston

Photo by Stacy Chupp

After God’s prompting, I launched this blog a few years ago and am perhaps the most inconsistent and irregular blogger known to man. I post when the mood hits me and languish in the gaps between but, either way, I’m typically just between time on my knees to seek the Lord’s help.

My husband Jon and I dated a while then broke up before dating again so, as a friend affectionately pointed out, we’re still in Round 2–something I forget when marriage feels more like work and less like dating. We have three children–Rae, Lauren, and Reece–plus one in heaven whom we’ve not yet officially met.

I’d love you to curl up beside me with your mug or wine glass–whatever suits your fancy. If you’re wondering where to start, don’t go back to the beginning. That’s some awful writing. Start wherever you find yourself or try how I almost lost it on my husband, almost lost it on our kids, or when I did lose it on the soccer field. Also, the loss of our dog was my most widely read post but one of my personal favorites is about how I sometimes get the blahs and eat Twizzlers on the couch.

It is my great hope that everything I share connects us both to the One who is The Way, The Truth and The Life.