Archive: March 2014

Y’all. I’ve just finished a book that reads like late night TV, were it a book, except without the profanity and frequent jabs at people. So I guess it’s not like late-night TV at all but the point is: it’s hilarious and won’t make you feel guilty for laughing. The Antelope in the Living Room, [...]

Recently I had a serious case of the blahs and I’m pretty sure it can all be traced back to a bag of Twizzlers. I was at Target on a regular Monday buying essentials when I took a turn through the food section to make sure there weren’t any sale items I couldn’t pass up. [...]


World comes flashy and loud, in constant waves. Word comes plain and gentle and knocks for entry. World says “Blaze your own trail!” Word says “Sidle up and follow me.” World says “Look around. Be impressed.” Word says “Look to Me. Be struck with wonder.” World says “Sport your crown. Strut your stuff.” Word says [...]