Archive: April 2012

report card

Well, I’d intended to tell you a funny story today. Actually spent the better part of yesterday’s nap time writing the funny story. But as the morning would have it, I was feeling steered in a different direction. Being led by the Lord is funny that way: sometimes He steers us in a different direction [...]


I awoke this morning feeling a bit like a spinning top. There were several reasons really. First, I was scheduled to be away on a field trip all day with my middle child and was trying to wrap my head around all that needed to be done beforehand. Secondly, I’d put up a blog post [...]

Becoming a Person In Process

The phrase that’s been playing over and over in my head all week, like a song that just won’t quit, is: “It’s more about the process than the destination.” It’s more about the process than the destination. I have to repeat it twice, even now, to further help it sink into my bones. Guess that’s [...]

Parisian cafe

What I’m about to share is something I really wasn’t planning on telling you just yet. I thought I’d first let you get to know me a bit more – without preconceived notions – before I dropped a bomb on you. I haven’t done a very good job of hiding it though – the TRUTH. [...]

Calliandra in Garden

I sit in the garden about 7 am. Precious time alone, bought and paid for with a TV remote. May be a bit of God’s grace too. It’s cool and I look up to see branches on tall and far-away trees, slowly and gracefully swaying as if to wave good morning. Small leaves on a [...]