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baby blue gift

Anxious thoughts motor through my mind like numbers on a ticker tape: Am I a writer? an accountant? a mother, a wife? …a full-time housekeeper? Where do I land today and what do I do next? The answer typically lies in whatever screams loudest: the stinky diaper, the empty refrigerator, the tax return due next [...]

report card

Well, I’d intended to tell you a funny story today. Actually spent the better part of yesterday’s nap time writing the funny story. But as the morning would have it, I was feeling steered in a different direction. Being led by the Lord is funny that way: sometimes He steers us in a different direction [...]


I awoke this morning feeling a bit like a spinning top. There were several reasons really. First, I was scheduled to be away on a field trip all day with my middle child and was trying to wrap my head around all that needed to be done beforehand. Secondly, I’d put up a blog post [...]