Archive: 2013

I’ve been feeling an angst rising in me for days. A pressure to be plugged in, to be three places at one time, a compulsion to know what others are doing as evidenced by mindless scrolling through posts and pictures. This is exactly why I was a latecomer to Facebook. I didn’t want to feel [...]

Livingston Christmas Tree

I was recently with a friend who said her husband excuses himself from the annual trimming of the family Christmas tree, abdicating all rights of involvement, leaving her and the kids wholly responsible. I responded with shock and awe, saying I had NO IDEA what that must be like. In case my experience is a [...]


I’m not a big shopper. Never have been. My mother, on the other hand?  She could win awards were shopping a competitive sport. For me, it’s a necessary evil and, I’ll be honest, sometimes I resent Eve for upending the future for all womankind. I shop for myself may be twice a year and get [...]

Lexy Livingston

We were unsure from the moment we walked in. She cowered in the corner refusing to make eye contact. And talk about shaking like a leaf! She must’ve shed a full coat of fur in the five minutes it took the vet to give us the few known details of her situation. Jon slowly and gingerly [...]


I pad down the hall, shuffle over to the pot and pour. Sweet glory. Black deliciousness. Metal clinks against hardened clay as I stir in the milk and agave. This may be my single favorite moment of the day. Quiet house. Dark morning. I settle down into the chair. Turn palms up and open. Whisper [...]