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I’m not a big shopper. Never have been. My mother, on the other hand?  She could win awards were shopping a competitive sport. For me, it’s a necessary evil and, I’ll be honest, sometimes I resent Eve for upending the future for all womankind. I shop for myself may be twice a year and get [...]


The alarm sounds and I roll over to reset it for thirty minutes later. I shift positions so I’m lying on my back with a pillow under my knees; feel cold and reach down to pull up the green afghan I’ve tossed aside during the night. When the alarm sounds again, I’ve reached a state [...]


“There is no honor in turning away from adventure.” –Reepicheep, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader I’ve often thought God made a mistake when He made me a girl. Growing up, I resolved more than my fair share of conflicts with my fists, I prefer to yank things out into the open in order to [...]

oak canopy

It’s Friday and, once again, I’m participating in a writing flash mob for two reasons: 1. to get more connected with the larger community of bloggers (aka I don’t wanna feel alone!) and 2. to field a kick in the butt to practice writing more consistently. The marching orders: Write on the word prompt for [...]