Venture with Me?

The first of a series for October


“There is no honor in turning away from adventure.”
–Reepicheep, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

I’ve often thought God made a mistake when He made me a girl. Growing up, I resolved more than my fair share of conflicts with my fists, I prefer to yank things out into the open in order to cut straight to the heart of a matter, and can often be overheard steering a conversation to the bottom line, while taking for granted all the stuff that leads down to it.

I typically pick up the battle/adventure book first, I spurned dresses for a long while and, as children, my brother and I named our favorite outside game “Wilderness.” We’d set up camp in the backyard fort, embark on explorations through the thick palmetto bushes that formed a make-shift jungle near the lake behind our house, and make soup with the help of the water hose from gathered berries, twigs, and leaves.

Nowadays, I’m discovering what makes me me aren’t so much masculine qualities as they are just qualities. I’m pulled like a magnet to the action and get-things-done side of Kingdom living and could benefit from growing in the love and kindness side of things. I’m sure you won’t be surprised, then, when I tell you “grace” is not a word that draws me like a bee to honey. Sounds a little mamby-pamby if you ask me.

But, since I have lots of room to grow, when the thought of a series on the topic came to me, I decided to press in instead of run for the hills. Taking a cue from some bloggers who focus on a single topic for a month, I’ll be spending the month of October writing “Adventures in Grace.” I’m personally excited about it because Jon and I have been discussing the idea of sharp corners versus rounded ones and how we want more of the latter. I’m hopeful that traveling through grace will soften up some of my pokey and prickly parts.

I plan to post twice a week with one being a comfort and the other being a challenge. Sort of an inhale and an exhale; a chance to fill up then to pour out. As with any worthy adventure there is risk involved. But the payoff? It’ll be worth it as we dare to go deeper into the heart of God–a heart that gives and loves freely, even when undeserved.

There are a few things of which I can be sure: it won’t be as much teaching as it is learning, more questions than there are answers may rise to the surface, and we’ll all be challenged to venture past the outer-lying boundaries of our comfort zone – myself included.

Who’s with me?

This is the “Adventures in Grace” series. I’ll add links to the topics as I post them.

But that's enough about me…what about you?

What appeals to you about "grace"? What turns you off?

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