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It’s Friday and, once again, I’m participating in a writing flash mob for two reasons: 1. to get more connected with the larger community of bloggers (aka I don’t wanna feel alone!) and 2. to field a kick in the butt to practice writing more consistently.

Five Minute Friday

The marching orders: Write on the word prompt for 5 minutes flat. No extreme-editing: “Unscripted. Unedited. Real.” The idea is to get past our perfectionism and just. do. it.

Today’s prompt: Grasp

Our culture would have us grasp at straws while what we need to grab onto is grace. Follow the way of works or the way of grace? We’re faced with this choice. Day after day. One feels like a monkey grabbing onto ropes that were never meant to hold and be swung on; the other means embracing the trunk. Resting under the branches. Finding shade beneath the canopy. Rest.

It’s so big, so huge, my mind could never wrap itself around the gift. Like an oak growing big, roots deep, branches reaching. One that can never be uprooted. Can’t be toppled by the winds of change. By time or place or any living thing.

To follow Jesus is to be governed by grace. To extend grace to those around me. To pamper myself with it too. It sounds unfair. It is unfair. That’s what makes Jesus so precious, so tender, so luxurious to be in relationship with.

Folks fear to bite in means to convey license. Grace isn’t license; it’s the pathway of the changed heart. It’s the stepping stones that beckon one forward; further and further into intimacy with Him. The more that He has for us. Not because we have to; because we want to. Want to rest with Him. Want to rest in Him.

Ding, ding, goes the timer.

Thanks for showing up here to read and allow me to improve my craft. Head over to The Gypsy Mama (hostess of these beautiful mobsters) for your own five minutes to read, write, or share a word of encouragement.

Photo credit: Tom Haymes (Creative Commons)

But that's enough about me…what about you?

How is resting in God's grace challenging for you?

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  • Denise Oldham

    Good writing.

    • http://therightvolume.com/ Samantha Livingston

      Thanks Denise

  • http://maasupdate.blogspot.com/ Sonja Maas

    I always feel like I need to do it myself but am reminded again and again that it is only Him working through me because I can not do it myself. So thankful that I can grab grace! Thanks for your post!

    • http://therightvolume.com/ Samantha Livingston

      I need daily reminders! Thankfully the Holy Spirit does that for me. :)

  • lindseyfoj

    Ahhh…grace…my anthem, my song….don’t know where I would be without it…seems like that gets revealed to me more and more each year….

    Thank you, Samantha, for your words…and for visiting my space!

    • http://therightvolume.com/ Samantha Livingston

      Where this post took me surprised & intrigued me. So much I’ve decided to do a series “Adventures in Grace” for the month of October. )