Archive: July 2012

Jon and I conceived our third child just weeks after losing his mother to cancer. We hadn’t always planned on having a third, but the Lord put the idea on each of our hearts–separately–and, once we admitted it, we embraced it wholeheartedly. With two previous pregnancies under my belt, the doctors’ appointments became “old hat” [...]

Having kids is weird. It’s like watching all your good and bad qualities played in front of you like a movie, only with very immature and self-centered characters. I’m convinced it’s one of the ways God’s redeeming the story of my own life. I haven’t yet written much about my kids because 1.) this ain’t [...]

This is the third of five posts I’m writing for The Enough Series and, if you’d like to catch up, read Are You Enough? and Are They Enough?  The first argument of my married life was over a sweet potato. I worked farther away and got home later at night than Jon. Cell phones weren’t [...]