Archive: May 2012

I’ve mentioned that I think everything flows out of relationship. What better way to start a conversation about relationships than with an example of what NOT to do? It was my eighth-grade year and I was a cheerleader. Don’t hate me. Lots of good blog fodder will come from my participation in the sport. And, [...]

Happiness is ever the elusive destination; Joy is found in one place, One Person. Happiness speaks from the surface; Joy resounds from the depths. Happiness is promised to no one; Joy is offered to everyone. Happiness just passes through; Joy takes up residence.

reflection of two chairs

This morning at the breakfast table I told Lauren, our six-year old, that she is beautiful both inside and out. “Do you know what that means, that you’re beautiful on the inside?” I asked. Putting my finger on her chest I prompted, “What’s right here?” “My heart,” she said. I told her that I love [...]

Ever feel like you're stuck on an island?

I feel humbled and blessed by how the Lord is leading me in writing this blog. He’s not only inspired me with a myriad of topics but He seems to be directing their order as well. Today’s post is a case in point. After posting Ever Feel Like This? a friend commented that she’d just [...]

Swimming Upstream

This is something I wrote a few days ago in my personal journal that wasn’t originally intended for here. But I started thinking: if I sometimes feel this way, others may can relate. So I thought I’d open it up for you to read too…. Living life by faith instead of by sight means… swimming upstream [...]