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When I miscarried our third child one conversation with a friend sticks out in my mind in particular. Funny thing is, I don’t remember a single word she said. What I do remember is collapsing into the brown chair in my bedroom, heavy breaths and strained words pouring out of my mouth, before moving to the [...]

Dog Days of Summer

My system’s in shock from the quiet in the house. With the girls off to school, Reece watches his daily episode of Sesame Street while a pantry infested with rice weevils begs for upheaval and piles of mail and laundry await sorting and tending to. It’s the end of an era: no more lazy days [...]

Ever feel like you're stuck on an island?

I feel humbled and blessed by how the Lord is leading me in writing this blog. He’s not only inspired me with a myriad of topics but He seems to be directing their order as well. Today’s post is a case in point. After posting Ever Feel Like This? a friend commented that she’d just [...]


Ever been around someone who’s so loud and obnoxious about their beliefs that you’re completely turned off? What about someone who’s so quiet and reserved that she never stands up or speaks out – a wallflower who fades into the background? I think there’s a middle ground: a volume loud enough to be heard above [...]

Aquiring a Salt Addiction

I’ve mentioned that every afternoon I indulge in a cup of coffee and a sliver of dark chocolate. My “ideal setting” for this would be a gray-shingled cottage by the sea with comfy slip-covered sofas, windows open to the ocean breeze, interesting books neatly piled all around, and me touching toes with a like-minded friend [...]