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Mayday! Mayday!

The call pops up on my phone when I’m in the laundry room trying to get just one.thing.done. I can tell, from the numbers on the screen, it’s the school and immediately know I’ve forgotten something else. “Hey honey,” I answer. “Hi Mommy. Um, all my friends are talking about a pool party after school [...]


I pad down the hall, shuffle over to the pot and pour. Sweet glory. Black deliciousness. Metal clinks against hardened clay as I stir in the milk and agave. This may be my single favorite moment of the day. Quiet house. Dark morning. I settle down into the chair. Turn palms up and open. Whisper [...]


As I look out across the landscape of today I see house chores, work chores, may be some writing and a yoga class. I can’t control it or predict it, but I can call upon the One who knows. There’s this temptation to muscle through my days because I’m so good at it. I can [...]

create beauty

Last week I fessed up about the anxiety I’ve been feeling. It seemed to really resonate with people and several friends told me they’ve been feeling the same way. One said she wakes up and is on GO until ten o’clock at night, another said she feels panicked over her to-do list. Yet another said her [...]

hammock-brad montgomery

Growing up, Sundays meant no yard work and my dad took a nap. They stood out in contrast to all the other days because he worked Monday through Friday and almost always did yard work on Saturday–which meant I did too. I gathered pine cones into brown paper bags, I raked leaves. Then there was [...]