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Short-cut grass

We arrive when the mist is still rising off the field. I unfold my chair, settle its legs into soft earth and sink back into my book. The players look a little foggy too having been scooped out of warm beds, coaxed into uniforms and shoved into cars for the hour drive with a granola [...]

Mayday! Mayday!

The call pops up on my phone when I’m in the laundry room trying to get just one.thing.done. I can tell, from the numbers on the screen, it’s the school and immediately know I’ve forgotten something else. “Hey honey,” I answer. “Hi Mommy. Um, all my friends are talking about a pool party after school [...]

Last night was not my finest parenting moment. By the time Jon returned from the store, I finally sat on the couch alone. (All is grace when you’re down to the last roll of toilet paper and your husband volunteers to make the trip). The scene that greeted him as he walked through the front [...]


It feels like FOREVER since I’ve been in this space. To my faithful readers, I’m so sorry I slipped into radio silence without so much as a word of warning. I didn’t intend for it to be so long but a hard drive crash and summer travels launched me into a loosey-goosey state and, I [...]