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I’m currently gearing up for tax season which basically means I’m sitting at the computer  for long stretches of time organizing numbers. And it will continue like this for the better part of four months. I have mixed feelings about it. A bit of panic over whether I’ll be able to keep all the balls [...]


I found this Mood-o-Meter in the garden today. No doubt it was unwittingly left behind by a child who, at any moment now, may break down in tears over the fact that it’s gone missing and she hasn’t noticed. By “garden” I mean it was in a clay pot containing a parched plant in need [...]


As I look out across the landscape of today I see house chores, work chores, may be some writing and a yoga class. I can’t control it or predict it, but I can call upon the One who knows. There’s this temptation to muscle through my days because I’m so good at it. I can [...]