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I’m just back from James Madison University where I was invited to speak at a women’s conference. Here are seven reasons I’m feeling full and incredibly thankful for my time there: 1. This group I love all worship bands. I do. But there was something inexplicable–a warmth rising within me–upon being led by an all-female [...]

I’m currently gearing up for tax season which basically means I’m sitting at the computer  for long stretches of time organizing numbers. And it will continue like this for the better part of four months. I have mixed feelings about it. A bit of panic over whether I’ll be able to keep all the balls [...]

The age-old story of good versus evil has always fascinated me. Jon and I went to see the Batman movie on a recent date and, although some of it went right over my head (having not seen a Batman movie since Michelle Pfeiffer played Catwoman), I nevertheless was glued to the screen–particularly in the battle [...]