Sleeping Heart

A poem by Kit Rossi, guest at The Right Volume

From Samantha: In addition to using my own voice, I especially like to hear the voices of other women – both in person and metaphorically speaking. Something inside me bubbles up when I see women doing what God created them to do. It’s exciting! It’s contagious! With that, I’m very excited to introduce to you my first guest blogpost EVER! Drumroll please…

Kit Rossi is a long-time friend who writes poetry – something I didn’t know about her until a mutual friend mentioned it. She is also a wife, mother of three, and owns Dance for Joy, a dance studio for children. Kit shares this: “I love to express worship and struggles through dance and poetry. God has used writing poetry as a way to bring perspective and clarity during difficult or confusing seasons. My poems act as sort of ‘seasons of life’ landmarks that tell a beautiful story of how God has woven Himself so faithfully in my life.”

Kit is involved with ministering to the poor – both in her own hometown and in Costa Rica where she and her family spent six weeks last summer. Even with her strong faith and trust in the Lord, serving in these settings leaves her with questions – important questions such as “Is God really enough?” as related to the poverty-stricken and hurting who are so often overlooked. The poem she’s sharing with us today is borne out of these questions and as we discussed its context she said,  ”I understand the transformed, surrendered, sold-out life to Jesus HAS to be enough. But honestly, it’s easy to wonder if that kind of lifestyle can ever be attained in some of these circumstances that I get stuck on.  All I can hope for is that they know what Jesus did for them and pray that they encounter His love through the Holy Spirit.”

Reading and digesting her poetry has left me challenged to dig deeper and grow closer to the heart of Jesus for the least, the last, and the lost. I love that Kit admits to having questions (we all do!) and is willing to confront them instead of glossing over them. Thanks so much for sharing your heart with us Kit…

Sleeping Heart

Wake up my sleeping heart
Love is at your door
I see it with my eyes
But I can’t feel it anymore.

Open hearts, breaking hearts
For someone they are waiting
I want to be that person
That they are anticipating.

I want to point to Jesus
And scream, “He is the only way!”
I want to cry with desperation
And know there is hope today.

But I just can’t seem to get there
I keep finding clever means
I think of a solution
Or a distraction for our needs.

I want to believe you are enough
But when I see those bleeding hearts
I worry You may not come
And there will be even more scars.

I hear Your love’s a hurricane
I’d love to be washed away.
I’m standing here with my raincoat on
But I’m praying the clouds will stray.

I guess I’d rather not feel the flood
If I can stay here warm and dry
May be that’s why my heart keeps sleeping
While I watch the rain pass by.

But that's enough about me…what about you?

This is powerful stuff. What does this poem stir up in you? If you've been holding your breath now's the time to comment and welcome our first guest!

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  • Chrissie P

    My heart welled up as I read this precious poem!  It is full of hope and wanting that pings my heart.  We want to see God show up, we hope that he will be enough, we want to dance for joy at what he does to meet ourselves and those who hurt and need.  We shrink back a little with worry that he won’t come or be enough or be what we hoped.   Within your poem I feel like I hear Him, ever so quietly, whispering “I am enough” over and over.  I am left with the feeling that He loves to redeem us.  He’s waiting to redeem our belief that he can’t be enough or our fear of the risk of opening the door to being involved.  Your poem confirmed in me that God is redeeming how I see Him and how I see His world. 

    • Samantha Livingston

      Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Theresa Difato

    Loved the poem KIT! Didn’t know you wrote poetry…. thanks for sharing!!