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I see it painted in lines across her face: WORN. Sick again. On the heels of a season long with sickness. The hand of the Lord was upon me, and he brought me out in the Spirit, set me down in the middle of the valley… I notice the weight pressed down on yet another: [...]

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I had a dream last night in which I was trying to hide a dead body in a black trash bag amongst a large pile of similar bags containing yard trash. It was unclear whether I was responsible for the murder or just assisting in a cover up. I woke up and immediately began thinking [...]


I found a dead leaf on a walk the other day. Something about it drew me–the beauty even in death. I brought it home and set it beside some more green and living things and have lived in fascination ever since. I’m mesmerized by what the seasons already know: death occurs before new life is [...]

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I’m participating today in a writing flash mob in which we write for 5 minutes flat on the provided word prompt with no extreme-editing. The idea is to get past our perfectionism and just. do. it. Today’s prompt: Remember… In a couple of weeks my eldest will be baptized. I’m remembering when I was baptized and the [...]


I found this Mood-o-Meter in the garden today. No doubt it was unwittingly left behind by a child who, at any moment now, may break down in tears over the fact that it’s gone missing and she hasn’t noticed. By “garden” I mean it was in a clay pot containing a parched plant in need [...]