What’s in Your Lunchbox?

A fresh take on the loaves and the fishes

What's in Your Lunchbox

I miss writing terribly. The time I normally devote to it has been pinched out while I’ve been in a season of support with my family–something I hope to write about soon. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a little six-minute video clip.

Last night I was feeling so excited about what I’m learning from the Bible I had a spontaneous desire to share it. Having never videoed myself, I sat down, watched a tutorial, used the camera right inside my computer (who knew?!) and voila! Here it is.

There are a thousand reasons why I shouldn’t post this video–it could’ve been better planned, my comments could’ve been trimmed down, my eyelids look weird. But, let’s be honest, if we put off doing what God inspires us to do, it may never happen.

So I’ve posted it below, in all it’s unedited, weird-eyed glory. Hope you enjoy it! (Scroll down for the video).

If you need some cajoling before signing precious minutes away, here are some things you can count on seeing:

  • 0:13 The moment, upon playback, in which I decide I will never ever again close my eyes (or look down at all) while making a video. Not to blink. Not to pray. It’s just not worth it.
  • 0:25 When I claim to know Jesus’ Top Ten Miracles
  • 2:55 Instead of saying I sometimes imagine Bible stories happening in today’s culture by adding details I can relate to, I say “I had the creative idea.” Sheesh. It wasn’t that creative.
  • 3:50 I’m awed by Jesus because he simply gave thanks.
  • 4:48 Where I insult your intelligence by telling you the meaning of “marvelous.” I have no words, except, I’m sorry.
  • Unless you don’t know the meaning of marvelous, in which case I’m not sorry and recommend you pay better attention to that vocab list your kid keeps bringing home from elementary school.
  • 5:05 Where I ask what’s in your lunchbox today. Disappointment? Sadness? The blahs?
  • 6:50 Lastly, I don’t do justice to a comment by a friend. Better stated: When we “sit down” with Jesus today, we are given full access to the Kingdom simply by calling on his name.

I’ll let you in on a secret. When I zipped open my lunchbox today I found Fear. Fear that I’ll look silly, or people won’t like what I have to say, or will think, “Who does she think she is posting a video? She’s not all that!” (Whatever that is).

So, as I click “post” and hold out this little offering to you, please know I’ve first pulled Fear out of my lunchbox, turned it out to Jesus, and asked him to do something only he can do. And do you know what he gave me back? Courage. And that’s no small thing.

I’m praying transformation for the contents of your lunch today too….

This was inspired by the bible study I’m doing right now that I’m loving. If you’re looking for a little somethin’- somethin’ to chew on–whether in a group or on your own–I highly recommend Annie Pajcic’s “Planted.”

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But that's enough about me…what about you?

Who do you most identify with in this bible passage?

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  • Leighton Hulslander Davis

    I love this S! I think that your vulnerability is so refreshing! I’m sure people love putting an actual voice with “a voice”. Truthfully, listening to you speak…the message soaks in so much more than had I gone home and read the story on my own. I think you should do a monthly or weekly video tidbit! So authentic! LOVE

    • http://therightvolume.com/ Samantha Livingston

      Thanks Leighton! That’s SUPER encouraging to me!