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It feels good to be known

In Relationship with Others

The word of the week is relationship. I keep thinking about how wonderful it is to be in relationship. The more I think about it, it seems that everything flows out of relationship. Yes, EVERYTHING.

I’m just back from a three-day vacation and feeling rested and renewed. Before leaving I was bone-tired, as my mother-in-law used to say. Dead tired as I would say. Tired from work, tired from parenting, tired from thinking. That last one hardly ever stops, though, since even as I left, I thought: I wonder what new inspiration will come out of this trip? What will I write about next?

Beforehand I was in the mood to write about REST. PEACE. And how and where you can find them – even without a three-day cruise. Of course I did think about how those words could sound empty and unconvincing coming from someone who had just rested. And found peace. On a boat. Out at sea, no less. With unlimited food to be eaten–that I did not cook, unscheduled time to be spent–where I was not needed, no mouths to feed, no clothes to clean, no emails to answer, no toddler bottoms to wipe. Now you’re talkin’.

So off to sea we went, my hubbie and I, with lots of good friends and the desire to simply GET AWAY and enjoy ourselves. And do that we did. There’s something about vacation, or even a break from the everyday routine, that brings a change of perspective. I think that’s why we’re supposed to rest: rest is a perspective-changer. We’re forced to bring our heads up and out of the whatever-it-is-we’re-doing and see from a new vantage point. See the forest for the trees. Get a new lease on life. Of course that can also happen through tragedy. If you’ve known it, chances are you’ve gotten it: a new perspective on things, that is. But VACATION is so much more attractive sounding than TRAGEDY, so let’s talk about that instead. Kay?

After returning from vacation I’m not so much thinking about the sun I worshipped or the lounge chairs I lounged in or the fancy dinners I ate or even the songs I kareokeed (or butchered, depending on how you look at it). You know what I’m thinking about? That being in relationship with people feels good. And I’m not talking about relationship where you just punch a time card and you’re in and you’re out and you never get below the surface with someone. I mean relationship where people KNOW you. And then choose to like you anyway.

A few months ago I had a thought and posted it in the “status update” box of my personal Facebook page. Here’s the gist of what I said: You know what feels good? To BE KNOWN. I had an interesting comment. Someone questioned if I meant being known by the Lord. Yes and No are my answers to that question: YES – it feels wonderful to be known by the Lord. NO – because at that moment I was referring to being known by others. Friends, in this case. The Lord has no choice but to know me. Whether I ever share anything with Him or not, He does know me. My husband knows me too. Mainly because he lives with me. But, yes, I do choose to share A LOT of myself with my husband. Too much at times and not enough at others, I’m sure. But that day, way back in Facebook time, I meant that it feels good to be KNOWN by friends.

It feels good to be in relationship with others. Have I said that yet? I don’t think I could say it enough. Are you in relationship? What does that mean even? I’m just in the mood to start a conversation. I may not provide any answers. I’m good at starting conversations though. Damn good.

And coming back from my cruise where I did all those fun things with all those dear people reminds me that it doesn’t really matter what we’re doing. It just feels good to be TOGETHER. I think TOGETHERNESS is actually the beginning of everything. Let us make man in our image. They were together. All three of them: Father, Son, Spirit. That’s an amazing concept for me to think about how they’ve BEEN for always. And been TOGETHER for always. What were they doing all that time? What were they doing outside of all time? I really don’t know other than the obvious: loving and being together. I told you. I’m not providing answers today. Just thoughts.

Besides traveling to a white sandy beach I’ve also been thinking about another beach scene. It’s one I’ve read about and now find myself trying to envision. It’s the one where Jesus cooked for his friends on the beach. What does this story say about our Savior? What does it say about our Friend? What does it say about our God? He appeared to them on the beach…where they worked, where they lived…and invited them to a meal with him. He thought of their most basic need: to eat. And then he not only met it, but he did it with them. He enjoyed relationship with them.

Amazing. Incredible: His love.

This is a man I’m drawn to. This is a man I want to get to know. This is a man I have gotten to know. And yet there’s always more. More togetherness. More in relationship. More to taste in my relationship with him and more to taste in my relationship with others. Just magnificent.

So back to my outrageous statement: How does EVERYTHING flow out of relationship? That’s a question I’m inspired to ponder. I have more thoughts I’ll soon share. For now, let’s just rest. Let’s think about engaging. Let’s evaluate our relationships. They’re worth our time. They just are.



But that's enough about me…what about you?

What feels good to you about being "in relationship"? I'd really LOVE to hear your thoughts. I can get tired of the sound of my own voice!

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  • Angela Bast

    Saw those cruise pics……..looks like you all had an amazing time!  So fun!  I really enjoyed being with you at the wedding.  any chance the Livingston’s  could come for dinner (we live between the Yacht club and Timuquana…….before Dave leaves for Trail West on 5/24?

    • Samantha Livingston

       @Angela Bast Yes, Yes, and YES!

  • laurafowler

    Getting away was needed and fun, and I agree with you… being together as friends – laughing, playing, chatting, eating, dancing, enduring the bumpy ride on a yellow, banana float – was the highlight!  I’m glad God created us to love relationships!  I loved being with you.