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Growing up I don’t remember being encouraged to appreciate art and I certainly wouldn’t have called myself “creative.” Sure I should learn art for the sake of history but I didn’t get that art has value simply because of the creative process behind it. The work of your hands should earn a living, be a [...]

What's in Your Lunchbox

I miss writing terribly. The time I normally devote to it has been pinched out while I’ve been in a season of support with my family–something I hope to write about soon. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a little six-minute video clip. Last night I was feeling so excited about what I’m learning from the [...]


It feels like FOREVER since I’ve been in this space. To my faithful readers, I’m so sorry I slipped into radio silence without so much as a word of warning. I didn’t intend for it to be so long but a hard drive crash and summer travels launched me into a loosey-goosey state and, I [...]


A milestone has passed us by and I think it’s important to recognize and celebrate milestones. My friends and I each turn a year older every twelve months. Never changes. They know I love them and I know they love me and, yet, the older we get the more I realize what a privilege it is [...]


During the last few months of my degree, I was courted by all of what were then called “The Big Six” firms. I’m not trying to brag or make you jealous or anything but, without getting into all the nitty gritty details, I’ll just say this: I was an Accounting Badass. If there is such [...]